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Our History

Centennial Tradition of a Family of Oenologist

I am Mario Ravanal, owner and founder of Ravanal Winery

With more than 90 years old , I have gone a long way to be here  and tell you my history that it is also the history of the winery.

I was born in Ligüeimo, a small agricultural town, located in the heart of the wine region of Chile, my exact date of birth I do not know, my mother said it was in October 1926, but I was registered in the civil registry on May 5th , 1927.

I am the eldest of 8 siblings, with a farmer father who, from a young age, instilled affection and love for the countryside and its vineyards.

I studied Agronomy in the “Universidad de Chile” and in 1960 I continued my graduate studies in Enology and Viticulture in France at the Universities of Montpellier and Bordeaux.

In 1965,  on a visit from my parents I learned about the sale of a beautiful property in the commune of Placilla , being motivated by the vines that were already in production in those years, I bought what is currently Viña Ravanal, currently with the invaluable heritage of having vineyards over one hundred years old.
Nowadays we are a 100% family business where my three children, Carmen Paz, Pía and Mario Sebastian, have continued my work contributing with youth, innovation and modernity to this company.

They welcome the ideology of making high quality wines, understanding the responsibility of being part of a family with  viticulture tradition and oenology , we work together in the production of wines with the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

Our winery and vineyards are located in Placilla, heart of the Colchagua Valley, with a privileged terroir and climate that make this area a paradise for the production of fine wines with an exceptional microclimate, characterized by a large temperature difference between the day and the night allowing the grapes to develop fully, improving and maintaining all their fruit flavors, with a very slow ripening; the soils are clayey and deep, producing robust red wines of excellent body with great persistence and elegant white wines of great aromatic intensity.

I have worked as a winemaker for almost 60 years, creating one of the oldest wineries in the Colchagua Valley. Since the beginning of this adventure, what we call Centennial Vineyards has accompanied me, grapevines that have a low production,  grapes ripen slowly, giving great concentration and they are harvested by hand and after a careful selection, advanced technologies and maturation in French and American oak barrels , they become exceptional, sophisticated and elegant wines with great fruit character, excellent body, complexity and intensity.

My life is the wine, my passion, my first love, each bottle reflects the dedication and work of many years.
I  invite you to enjoy and get to know our wines, the result of the perfect combination between the oenological experience, family tradition and the hard daily work of a great team.

Welcome to Viña Ravanal