Centennial Vineyards

Centennial vineyards give life to sophisticated and elegant wines.

The style of Ravanal Winery is the result of a remarkable experience in the elaboration of fine wines of superior quality, being one of the few wineries  that has vineyards with more than one hundred years of age, which were already in production when the Ravanal family decided to settle in this area.

The centennial vineyards have a low production and the grapes ripen slowly whereby  a great concentration is obtained, giving rise to sophisticated and elegant wines with great fruity character, of excellent body, complexity and intensity.

The different varieties are planted in specific fields lots according to the soil type and particular mesoclimate to highlight the best of each grapevine variety.
Grapes from its own vineyards, following a planned and careful harvest, are processed and transformed into a unique and distinctive product with Ravanal seal. The characteristic of having in one place vineyards, winery and staff, allows to express a unique terroir in its wines.